27 March 2009


I don't race.

During the winter I ride indoors with my club, in twice-weekly Boot Camp sessions. These are coached workouts to develop strength and endurance, to keep more or less in shape and to be ready to hit the road already fit early in the season. I live by them.

But if I had to ride like that every time I got on a bike? Honestly, I'd probably find another way to exercise and spend my money!

But, racing is something ABD does a lot, and well. And for all my whining, my first Boot Camp showed we to be way more competitive than I ever thought. OK, so I don't want to train to race, but I also don't want to be a slacker, and if I can come in at or near the top ... even in the fairly artificial realm of the CompuTrainer. Well, so maybe that is the way I roll?

My - very genuine - excuse to not race is that nearly every race happens on Sunday. That can be a legit "day of rest" activity, but with my work, it just isn't going to happen. But ABD's annual Indoor Time Trial Series includes one Saturday race each year. This was my third time to test my mettle.

There are 2 course profiles for the TT series: flat and rolling. Both courses are 10k in length. Naturally, the Saturday event is always the hilly one. That's the one I ride. Both previous outings on this course (remember, I do this once a year) have resulted in times over 18 minutes. Because I don't race, I don't keep records. It's amazing to me how guys keep mental track of their times, not just from race to race, but from season to season. Like any sport, cycling at some point is statistics! My goal this year was to break the 18-minute mark.

The Boot Camp series this winter has been particularly satisfying. Not "oh my gosh, you should go pro" satisfying, but "hey, maybe I should try this" satisfying. Several BC riders have encouraged me along that way. OK, so I show up on Saturday and try to give it a good shot - maybe even my best shot? I have nothing to lose, and riding in a duffer category (Citizens Men, 50+) I don't need to compare myself to the serious guys.

Short report: 10k, rolling course, 17:51.58.
Final result: 6th of 14 in my category, highest ABD rider in my category but not of course in my age group.
It is a respectable time, but not so good as to make me think "if I work at this I could be a contender." So, that seems about right.

And now at least I know why it is called a Time "trial."

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