25 August 2012

Bicycles! (and yet)

News this weekend about Lance Armstrong, multi-year Tour de France champion, along with my most recent post, prompts this brief addendum.

In Bicycles! I noted the stretch it is for me to imagine professional bicycle road races in India. That stands, if for no other reason than I've been too busy to research whether, in fact, it is true.

But what I should have observed is that the Tour de France was in high gear (pun intended) while we were in India. In fact, it concluded on our last Sunday there. And what I found fascinating is that the Hindustani Times (an English language Indian daily newspaper) had much better coverage of the Tour than I expect to find in the Chicago Tribune. Daily reports were given a quarter-page in the sport section, with a color photograph, human interest, race reportage, results and standings.

It was one of the biggest, most delightful surprises for me.

In other sport-related surprises: I kept my phone with me on this trip to use as a camera, and for wi-fi access. Once it "knew" I was in India, the news feed drew from Indian sources, then from other Commonwealth sources. So, the Sports news feed gave me Tour de France news, football (soccer), but most delightfully, cricket news and scores. I never see this on my phone in the west 'burbs of Chicago!

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Theresa Hoffner said...

I'll save you the work of research, Chuck.
There is (apparently) organized cycling in India.