02 June 2011

Miles to go

I thought I'd be writing more this spring and summer. I've been on sabbatical from my work, and in grad school full time for a semester. During which time I also was training for the Big Sur marathon. It has actually been an adventurous 4+ months, and I have nearly 6 weeks left.

The marathon was undoubtedly the sports highlight of my sabbatical. More on that anon. I have also taken a delightful 3-day self-supported, fully-loaded, bicycle camping trip. Pictures are here.

I like my cycling goals nice and round-figured, and based on national holidays. Memorial Day - 1,000 miles; July 4 - 2,000 miles; Labor Day - 4,000 miles. Well, I'm still working on that first thousand, and I may not catch up by Independence Day. But . . . I'm working at it!

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