08 April 2008

Tour of California

Well, time has lapsed. And in any case, I could hardly have written better about this amazing trip, than Chris has. So, simply by way of intro:
After watching the ToC via the internet in its first two years, this February I went out to take in a few days of professional cycle racing with my first-born. It is pretty cool - the Tour arrived in CA the year Chris did. He is in his 3rd year as a northern Californian, and this is the 3rd Tour. I had never seen professional racing live. This is an interest that we are enjoying together.
Chris' cycling is largely commuting (and he gets over 1,000 miles per year that way alone!). Mine is more recreational on the serious side, but far short of competitive cycling. We had a blast.
See his fun report on his own excellent blog. (And how nice - his title is a nod to this lame blogspot)
And photos, too, for Days One, Two, and Three of the 2008 Amgen Tour of California. Chris had to limit his day Four because of my flight plans, but he did catch the end of that Stage Three in San Jose.
Great trip, great way to spend some vacation days, great company, and a sure bet for an annual repeat!

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