23 April 2008

The century before the double century

It's time to see if I can do this thing!

Saturday is my first ACP brevet in two years. Until last week, I thought I would be riding alone. Then after choir one of the basses asked me about the Randonneurs brevet, and we found that we were both registered. Naturally I wheedled my way into making it a 3-some. (Jeremy and Patrick are touring buddies and co-workers.)

At the end of my solo ride last Saturday, my outdoor miles were at 400 for the season. My goal for this final week of prep for the brevet has been to cover 100 miles before Friday. Another century week. The English century week before the metric double century day with the 200k ride out of Delevan, WI.

If tomorrow works for a longish ride into the office, I will have my first century by the time I get home for supper. Then Friday off the bike; Karen and I will spend it in the car instead, with a day trip to visit her parents in Michigan. A late return (and some significant furniture moving at this end, at that end, and again at this end) will mean a short night's sleep.

Saturday will begin around 4am, continue with a 4:30am start to Delevan for a 7am brevet start time. The 200k route will take us through a couple of small towns, north and west a bit (as I recall it) to Sun Prairie, then back pretty much the same way. We are allowed 13 hours on the clock. Two years ago Tav and Jon and I logged 8 cycling hours ... I have a feeling that this week our total time will be significantly longer. And that is something I welcome! Give me a decent day, and leisure pedaling, and good company, and someone else driving home.


Christopher Charles Horatio Xavier King III, Esq. said...

Cool, I hope the ride goes well! This will probably be the last time of the year that I'm ahead of you in miles... I have 414 on my odometer right now.

Chuck King said...

Yours are practical and save the earth. My miles are self-indulgent. Ride on!