28 May 2016

How Not to prepare

Finally in the air! The week has not been what one would normally wish before a 5-week trip.

Monday: give 2 finals; be careful to include 2 essays on the longer test.

Tuesday: grade the exams and write a third.

Wednesday: give your last final: again, include essays.

Meanwhile keep checking your packing list and plan your last errands.

Thursday: try to finish grading, begin to compile course grades. Discover you have cracked a tooth - but not until the dentist is closed (panic when you learn that this week the office is closed both Friday and Saturday). Try to enjoy your last dinner before the trip, alone with your spouse.

Friday: Thank God for a dentist who will come in on his day off and look at the tooth; have some work done. Run other errands - they will take longer than you think they should. Go to campus to play the first commencement ceremony. Drag to bed late after finishing grades.

Saturday: Get out the door early with your spouse and go play the second commencement ceremony. Together  rush immediately to a surprise birthday dinner 4.5 hours away. Have a ball, but leave much earlier than you'd like. Drive partway home to sleep in your in-laws' house.

Sunday: Enjoy the only relaxed morning you've had for a while - or are likely to have for an even longer while. Drive 3+ hours to campus to help get the show on the road.

If it ever comes up, take it from me: This is not the way to prepare for a 5-week trip!

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