31 October 2013


I have handed in a draft of my thesis, and can now turn my hand again to other adventurous ideas. Reflections coming out of the thesis proper will show up at my other blog. But the adventure of writing? Well, I guess that belongs here.

Or more specifically, today, the adventure of words. I’ve written a passel of words over the past 6 months. Too many for a thesis, actually. I’m sure my next adventure there, before it gets approved, will be the process of editing down.

One fun aspect of typing, editing, proof-reading, and otherwise being buried in words, is the joy of unexpected ideas that pop up through typos. Or in some cases, just through over-thinking things.

So, here’s a short list of neologisms – words that ought to be:

Threatise: a document proposing, justifying, and explaining the ways and means of intimidation (physical or emotional). See The Prince by Machiavelli.

Comcluding: when your Comcast contract runs out; or, if you close your Comcast contract early.

Oboeligatto: well, what would you call  the melody played by a double reed instrument  accompanying a different tune? (see BWV 5/4, or read my thesis when it comes out)

Bilbliography: the list of resources consulted for an article, chapter, or book about a beloved hobbit.

  JRRT's drawing, taken from Wikipedia via Google images

Quirkly: adv., in a rapid but unsual manner; or, in an unusually rapid manner.

There’s another that only great exercise of self-control, and the fear of the PC police keeps me from posting. But that raises a whole other question about the adventures of the recesses of the human mind.

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