23 July 2013

what a month

In the past four weeks, I have:
* sent off chapter two of my thesis, to be read by friends
* ground nearly to a halt on my reading for chapter three
* preached
* attended my high school class reunion (40th!)
* been invited to teach some music courses this fall
* become more and more immersed in two Bach cantatas, for my thesis
* walked with my Karen's family through her mother's death
* had only three bike rides, and a handful of 5-mile runs

 But . . .
* I am digging the reading I have done. Chapter three is my technical chapter, and I am finding all I need to do it well.
* The reunion was a blast. Partly because, as one of my old chums said, I'm not half the man I was 40 years ago. (I was rather . . . plump . . . in school.) But mostly because, you know, people!
We're actually a pretty good looking bunch. Especially when you consider that we are as old or older now than our parents were when we graduated from high school! (That's me, the stiff one on the far right. In front of and behind me are two of our teachers.)
* My mother-in-law had a significant impact on many lives, and we have the certain hope that she is in heaven.
* I am strangely content with my cycling miles. While I would normally be above 2,000 by late July (and haven't yet reached 800), I enjoy any time I get out, and have held my own and felt great with my Saturday morning peeps. (Who, in all likelihood, are cutting me some slack with our road pace.)
* My Karen.

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