31 August 2009


Today, out on a solo ride, I glanced down at my computer and saw that I had reached 33.3 miles. That's not particularly noteworthy, as I had limited time to ride today, but wanted to reach 36 miles. (To hit a round-figure season to date total.) So, I was keeping an eye on distance.

But it reminded me of a week early in the season. Twice that week (April or May), on separate rides, I happened to look down at my computer, which was running in "time elapsed" mode, and just happened to catch the time -2:22.22. The first time I thought, "wow, that's cool! How likely is that?" But the next time, later the same week, again I saw it - 2:22.22. And that time it was just a bit freaky.

Numbers. They keep us going.

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