17 November 2007

Fits and Starts

That would be a good name for this blog. I have now twice gone over a year without posting. That makes it kind of inconsequential that at age 50 I beat all my 20-something kids into the whole blogging scene ...

Maybe the title of this blog keeps me from writing in it regularly. After all, how many of my life episodes can qualify, by any stretch, as "awesome adventures" ? Granted, that is a state of mind. Even at that, though.

Still, getting to spend a week in Italy is pretty cool. Fair enough.

And having a new bike is awesome in its own right. As nodded to in my blog 371 days ago, that is worth writing about ... if you go in for that sort of thing.

So, September 2006 my wife bought me a new road bike - the Lemond Alpe d'Huez on sale at the pretty amazing Bike Shop in my neighborhood. I put a couple of hundred road miles on it in the fall, then enjoyed another Boot Camp season. Big plans for Cycling 2007 ... and then a curve ball. Right after Boot Camp and just before Easter I was diagnosed with asthma. That set me back a bit.

But when all that settled, there was still the prospect of at least a short solo bike trip. Well, that didn't happen. And the road miles for the season still popped over 2,000 (mostly on the Lemond, but a goodly number on the faithful and still very worthy Trek touring). Far below last year's 4,000 but ... there's always next year.

Now I'm back in Boot Camp, this year for both sessions (8 weeks each in the Fall and the Winter). We'll see where that takes me. This year's goal was to finish a century ride every month from April through October. I rode 2 centuries. In 2008 I want to start on the RUSA R12 award - gained by adding at least one official 200K (or more) ride each month for 12 consecutive months.

Well, there could still be Awesome Adventures in this old boy yet.

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